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Hello Fios friends.


I recently "upgraded" from optimum to verizon fios 1 gigabit connection and purchased the verizon router. The installation was great and the tech was amazing.


After he left I checked my wifi speeds and i was getting 90Mbps, got closer to the router 120Mbps. Connected with a Cat5e cable and got 180Mbps. Changed the wire coming in from the ONT to router and still the same. The connection on the 5Ghz is about 130-150Mbps and on 2.4ghz its around 50Mbps...


After calling support several times, they said that my router is getting 940Mbps down and 980Mbps up and there is nothing they can do. They suggested switching the router.


Now, realistically we all know switching the router wont help because  I made sure its not the router by hooking up my ont to an 1Gbit adapter and it gave me same results..


About my pc: Just upgraded to a 1Gbit internet card, Intel i7 6700, 16 GB memory, and mother board supports 1Gbit wired connection.


Now my question is what do i do now where my speeds are not even close to what their supposed to be...

Who Me Too'd this topic