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Registered: ‎05-04-2011

Downgrading services


Is it me, or has anyone else had this predicament?  1.  How do you go about downgrading services-it does not seem evident at all on the menus presented to users?  2.  Why are only upgrades presented as solutions?  


I tried to change my services(agreement expires soon) via chat, but the CR only offered me upgrades with the bill amount going up instead of down.  I was even offered a "FREE" router, but I explained that I had bought that previously, but that did not alter the conversation.   I explained that I'm on fixed income and I need to pare back, but I think that was totally ignored since the CR motivation is only toward upgrades.  I'm expecting a large increase in medical expenses; so I have to cut back, somewhere, and this is one of the areas where it makes the most sense to cut.  


I was always satisfied with Verizon FIOS before, but the only alternative they seem to be presenting me is to terminate ALL service with them.


Answers would be appreciated!  Thanks, people!

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