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How do I activate my prepaid Visa card?


How do I activate the prepaid Visa card I got for switching to Fios? The card says go to and click "FiOS Welcome Bonus", which of course, doesn't exist. I tried to go to the Rewards page, but that has been down for the last week since I started trying and the phone number they give on there to call of course can't provide any help either. When I call the phone number on the back of the card, there is no option to talk to anyone and the recording states the card doesn't need to be activated. But when I go to the website, of course I can't check the balance on the card because it says it needs to be activated before I can do that. I called Verizon the first time and got transferred to the Rewards department again, which was unproductive of course. I called back and just kept saying operator and I finally got someone who said he would help but that he needed to transfer me and that he would put me in the queue and check back every 2 minutes, so he checked back for the 15th time and said someone was finally available and that he was going to transfer me. Then I got a message asking me for my phone number and before I finished typing it in, the automated voice said that my number wasn't recognized and that I was being disconnected, after 45 minutes on the phone. I called back again and got put on hold again and gave up after 10 minutes. At this point, I'm starting to think the whole thing is a scam. Has anyone been able to activate this thing?

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