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FIOS ONT new installation what to expect?



I'm hoping someone out there may have an answer or two. I'm having FIOS Internet and phone service installed in my condo unit in about a week from now. Verizon has already shipped the router and battery back up for what I believe is the ONT. 

A little history here. My condo is part of multi dwelling building, of which i'm on the botton floor.  Ducting for FIOS was installed throughout the complex about 4 years ago. My unit is ajcent to the main utility room were the FIOS" hub" is housed. 
My upgrade is both welcomed and needed as Verizon will be discontinuing servicing of copper lines leading into the complex sometime next year. 


Since the fiber lines coming in connect to a "hub" in the utilty room will an ONT need to be installed in my unit? I realize I've been provided a battery back up, but I just want to be sure.


If an ONT needs to be installed in my Unit, outside of being near an outlet where should one consider placing it? If the location of the ONT isn't that important I'll most likely keep it in the bedroom where the computer resides.


I need to install some form of wire ducting before intallation, how many lines can i expect to be concealing and what type of lines, ethernet, coaxial, phone?


I have been told with FIOS Phone the existing copper phone wires will still be utilized. That being said, would the ONT be carring the internet signal or would the FIOS internet line be coming from the "hub" in the utiltiy room?


I realize these question my seem a little disjointed, but I'm new to this so any clarificaiton would be greatly appreciated. 



Who Me Too'd this topic
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