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Fios Network Extender loses internet connection, coax light goes off.


This has been plaguing me for a long time.

The Fios Network Extender (WCB6200Q) works for a few days, sometimes a few hours, and then it will lose internet connection. The coax light on the extender is no longer lit. I can connect to the SSID but Windows says theres no internet connection.


I have the Quantum modem and that continues to work while the extender does not. I know because my family would unplug the Network Extender and they can connect to the internet (same SSID, so no need to choose new network) albeit at a weaker connection because of the lack of the Wifi extension.


After the extender has been off for a while, I would plug it in again (turn on) and the network extender would sometimes work. Sometimes it will not and then I would turn off the extender, turn off the quantum modem, then turn on the modem, wait for it to finish booting, and finally turn on the extender. Sometimes that will work. Sometimes it will not and I would give up and try again another day.


The extender is connected to the same coax line as a cable box with a splitter. The cable box has no issues. I can access the Guide/Info menus via the cable box so I know it's not the line. I replaced the splitter with a broader range and that didn't help. I changed the coax wire from the splitter to the Network Extender and that didn't work. I even had the Network Extender replaced and it still has the same problem.


Anyone else having the same issue with the same network extender (WCB6200Q)?


Who Me Too'd this topic
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