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I have been a loyal Verizon Triple Play customer for over 9 years. 


There are online offers that have MUCH better services for a LOT lower cost. When I contact Verizon FIOS, I am told that these offers are for new customers, and I, with over 9 years as a customer, can't get the advertised service.


I asked to speak with the Retention Department. The rep told me there isn't a Retention Department, and I'm not eligible for the advertised services.


I asked about my switching to Comcast, then coming back to Verizon FIOS as a new customer. How long do I need to be with Comcast? The rep said there isn't any fixed time that I need to be with Comcast.

Really? Do you want me to leave you and go to Comcast? What if I like Comcast? You have lost a customer. How you have to offer a special deal to a new customer just to maintain the same number of customers. Why not give me the new customer deal, to keep me? That's a lower cost than providing new equipment and installation to a new customer.


It's less expensive to retain me. But, no, you want me to go to Comcast. Are you crazy? Isn't it better to retain current customers than to try to find new customers? Wow!

Who Me Too'd this topic