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Verizon has discovered a bug in the BHR4 Fios Quantum Gateway router which renders certain iOS and Android Wi-Fi devices unable to connect to the 5GHz frequency/SSID. The issue is a result of a bug in the FQG firmware, which is suspected to have been exposed and exasperated by recent iOS and Android upgrades on many wireless devices.

Customers may experience sudden disconnection of Wi-Fi devices from the 5GHz network of the BHR4. When attempting to re-connect the device to the 5GHz network, it may appear that the device is trying to reconnect, but no internet is available, or it connects and immediately disconnects.

Please note Verizon is aware of the problem:

1. There is a known problem that could potentially affect their ability to connect to the 5GHz frequency.
2. As a temporary workaround, “forget” the 5GHz connection (SSID_5GHz) on their device(s) and only connect to the 2.4GHz frequency for the time being.
3. Verizon is working on a fix that will be remotely applied to their router in the future.

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Who Me Too'd this topic