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FIOS ONT power supply replaced?


We had a service tech come for a different reason (problem at pole) and he went ahead and replaced the power supply unit for the old ONT (big white one that dates to when we first got FIOS in 2008).  I've replaced the lead-acid battery once (several years ago) to cure the beeping, so I was glad to have it changed.


The tech installed a new black power supply unit - Nokia part number 3MV00470AA - and disconnected the lead-acid battery.  He disconnected the power cord on the outside (going to the power outlet) and the plastic connector from the battery leads inside the old battery backup unit.


Unfortunately, I was not able to speak with him before he left and now I have several questions:

-  Does the new power supply unit also provide battery backup for our landline phone?  If so, how?  The green "battery" light on the ONT is on (not the one on the now dead battery backup unit).  Or, have I lost the battery backup feature for the phone?

-  I wish he had removed the old battery backup unit.  Can I do this myself?


Any responses would be appreciated.

Who Me Too'd this topic
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