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Deferred charge from 8 YEARS ago?!?!


I recently moved abroad, cancelled my service, returned my equipment - no issues.  We were relatively happy with FIOS, and would probably use again upon moving back stateside.


However,  I noticed that the amount quoted when I called to cancel my service vs. the amount on my final bill were different.  After reviewing line by line, I found the following charge:


Fios Internet 20/5
Deferred charge for 07/28/2010 to 08/03/2010   $7.60


EXCUSE ME?!  A random charge from almost EIGHT YEARS AGO?!  


I know my (paper copy) Verizon bills from that decade are long gone, so I couldn't even look it up, but why on earth would a random charge for a week of internet service show up now, and why was it deferred?!  I'd been a Verizon FIOS customer for almost 12 years, so it's not like this was the very beginning of my service, either.



Who Me Too'd this topic