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Using own Router with FIOS gigabit and TV - OnDemand won't work


 Hi everyone,

I had FIOS-Gigabit & TV installed last week and got blazing fast speeds 800/850 with wired ethernet to my laptop.  But the FIOS gateway WIFI connection is not great, has poor range and creates lags for my sons gaming.


So I followed the directions posted by JustinG (THANKS!!!!) to use my own router first.


I have a netgear 7800 router that has much better range and creates less lag for my son playing video games so I plugged that directly to the ethernet port fios/VZ installed in my office wall which is connected by ethernet cable to the VZ white box in my garage.  Direct network and wifi working great through my own router.


Then i did the ethernet cable from the netgear 7800 LAN output to the FIOS gateway WAN input.  and FIOS gateway also still has the direct coax connection from the big white VZ box in the garage.  Turned on the fios router.


The FIOS router has both lights white (internet and wifi)

And my Netgear Wifi network still works great.

I then unplugged and replugged my 2 cable boxes.


I can connect to to verizon fios router using wifi but it doesnt then connect to internet.


The guide seems to be working fine so far.

but OnDemand does not work -  how do i fix that please?

(This is a killer since wife and daughter like to use OnDemand a lot.)

(Need good wifi gaming for son and good OnDemand for them!)


Also, do i need to leave on the FIOS wifi network or can i turn that off (by logging into fios gateway router) to reduce interference?  (ie do the 2 cable boxes get any info/data over wifi or only from the coax?)



Westchester Dad

Who Me Too'd this topic