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Bronze Contributor II
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AOL Verizon EMail


The last couple of weeks, my AOL Verizon email has been acting wonky.  I use Mailwasher and Thunderbird.  It will connect and then not connect.  I tried finding who I could call, because all was ok until recently.  I called Verizon customer service and was told rightly, that Verizon does not support the mail anymore, and was given a number to contact AOL.  I called the number, and spoke with a man, who could barely speak English.  He was clueless.  He finally said to me that he was billing.  If I wanted to speak to someone in tech, I would have to pay $4.99 a month for technical service.  If I have technical service with FIOS, I can call and get the support, but now, if there is a mail issue, I have to pay monthly for a support package......that is outrageous.  I have had my email address for almost 10 years and it is a pain in the butt to change it.  I believe that Verizon and AOL need to get together so if we need technical support, it will be as easy as it is calling FIOS.  It should not be an extra charge.  Thank you for listening to my rant, and I hope something can be resolved.

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