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Registered: ‎01-29-2012

Why are some emails re-downloaded from Verizon (AOL) server to Outlook 2016 causing doubles?


A strange problem has started about two months ago, and it happens randomly.


I have been running Outlook 2016 (version 16.0.9029.2253) and have 4 Verizon email accounts.  All converted without any problems from Verizon to AOL servers.  I have my Outlook parameters set to deleted email from server if over 90 days and/or when Deleted from "Deleted Items" inside Outlook 2016.


For some reason, those emails that are still on the Verizon / AOL server (and already had been downloaded and read but NOT deleted), get re-downloaded onto my Outlook 2016 at random times.  Maybe once every 2-3 weeks.


I have double checked all of my Outlook settings and it all looks correct.   Attached are 3 screenshots showing the latest issue.   Outlook downloaded these on March 27, I read them, decided to keep them and for some reason, they were re-downloaded again on March 31 (today) as new emails (but in reality, repeats).


outlook issue - 1.JPGoutlook issue - 2.JPGoutlook issue - 3.JPG


The only way that I can deal with this is when these double emails shows up, I then choose to put them into the DELETED ITEMS, meaning when it's deleted, it's gone from the SERVER too -- which kills the whole idea of having a back-up of the needed emails for 90 days on the server. 


I also check my email on my Samsung S7 phone, and I DO NOT have these re-download issues.   So, I am assuming it's an Outlook 2016 problem?


This issue has happened (again randomly) to all 4 of my Verizon/AOL accounts.


Anyone have any input as to what is happening?    And possible solutions?

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