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Starting April 24, 2018 at 9:37 am EDT, my Outlook 2016 desktop PC email program stopped downloading incoming email from Verizon AOL servers to my desktop PC (with Windows 10, Office 365).  I can send email out of Outlook from my PC, but no emails download into Outlook.  I can download email OK into my online AOL account.  I can receive emails sent from my PC Outlook to my online AOL email account.  But when I try to download emails into Outlook on my PC, all I get are error messages "connection to the server was interrupted."  I was previously getting a similar error, where email downloads initiated by clicking on "send/receive" would timeout, so I extended the incoming email download time from 1 min to 2 min, and this worked for that problem for 2 days.  But now I can't download any emails into Outlook.  Anyone have any ideas?  Thanks in advance...

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