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Horrible Speed with Gigabit Connection


Hello everyone,

I am new to the fios world. I purchased the gigabit speed and have a fios router as well. I should also note I do live in a pretty old house built with plaster walls in 1954. However I did not think that this would affect my wifi speed as much as it does.

As I said I have the gigabyte connection and when I do speed tests to the router I get the gigabit speed however my problem lies where I go from the router to devices. Device tests only ranged from about a 100 megabits to 120 megabits up/down. Tests were done with a Galaxy s9, iphone 6s, and a 2 year old Surface Pro standing not 2 feet from the router. I also have an Andriod streaming box ethernetted in and it too only sees 115 megabits. Obviously this is an extreme letdown for me. What could I possibly do I have already upgraded my ethernet cables from Fios box to router and router to Andriod streaming box. There is still an old coax cable from fios box to router, could change that if its a problem.

Calls to verizon have not helped as they either blame my house or my devices.

Who Me Too'd this topic
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