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Copper Contributor
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3 out of 5 try's get error logging into email, Using Thunderbird and before that Mailwasher


I use mail washer first to check email and mark any spam as spam with spamcop and then click on washmail it deltes and reports mail to spamcop and then loads thrunderbird.

3 or of 5 time (Not exact making a point) it will error out with 

Description: Failed to login to server "" for your {edited for privacy} account


This could suggest the following problems:

- Your username or password is incorrect.
- The server address is incorrect.
- You are trying to connect through an invalid port.


On Thunderbird I will get the popup box that wants me to enter my password.

My setting are

Server type : POP3

Server Address: {edited for privacy}


Server Port #: 995

This server requires a secure connection (SSL) Checked

Use secure Authentication Checked

Pipelining Enabled for checking mail Checked

Pipelining Enabled for deleteing mail Checked



SMTP Address:

Server Port #: 465

SMTP Server requires Authentication

Use same setting Incoming mail server Checked

Server connection SSL


Thunder bird same settings

Some days I have no problem at all and some it papends everytime then I will check again and it goes through so I know my settings are correct.


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