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Screen goes black periodically


Hey everyone,


I've been having an issue with my set-top box for a couple of months.  It's in the room that's less used, so it's taken me a while to report this, but every time I watch from that location, the same error occurs.  

The box is connected to the cable and receiver correctly.  I get a picture, I can use the box normally, but when I start watching a show or even pay for a movie, the picture will go in and out periodically.  I'll be watching, then the screen goes black.  This will happen for as long as I'm watching cable.

I've tested other media devices to make sure it's not the output device, but when utilizing the Playstasion, it works perfectly... not interruptions.

The box I'm using is the following:

  • Model QIP7100-P2
  • Type DVR

Hopefully there's an answer to this.  Does anyone have any ideas, or has anyone experienced this before?

Thanks so much!

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