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Who Me Too'd this solution

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Glad to hear everything went well. I do believe that the majority of horror posts read on here are exceptions to the rule. My FiOS service has work flawlessly for over 12 years now. 

Some of the things you read on here are no longer true, but definitely have been in the past. 


Some forum myths busted:


- Tech installed the ONTwhere I wanted it.


When FiOS first came out ONTs were outdoor models typically installed outside by electric meter and were required to be installed within 20 feet of common ground. 


- He easily extended the outside cable to the ONT inside using an extension cable.


The current preferred method is to install ONTs inside living space. 


- An official Verizon router was not required to activate the ONT & FIOS service. I did it with my computer connected directly to the ONT.


Before Verizon offered TV service FiOS installs were with a 10/100 Dlink wired router on ethernet. Original ONT didn’t support MoCa WAN. Since the inception of FiOS any router would work with ethernet connected to the ONT. The only time you need a FiOS router is for TV service but there is ways around that as well using a MoCA adapter. 


- I didn't need to release the DHCP lease before connecting my router. It picked up a new address as soon as it was restarted.


This is actually something fairly new. In years past the main router in central office would only provide one IP address to a FiOS circuit. Now there is no need to do a DHCP release since CO router will hand out multiple address. 


- The ethernet port on the ONT was automatically activated. I didn't need to put in a special request for that.


Most areas are now required to install ethernet for the WAN connection no matter what the speeds are. Early on when MoCA came out Verizon stopped installing ethernet for the WAN. But if you ONT is still on coax then yes you do need to call up to have it switched to ethernet. 





Who Me Too'd this solution