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I signed up for fios during the $50 gift card from Amazon promotion. The istallation had to be done by December 31th. to take advantage of this promotion. So I set up my istallation to 31th. However the installation crew couldn't make it that day. I called the customer service rightaway and made sure that I will still get my gift card even though istallation will be done in January due to their fault. They assured me that I would be eligiable for the card since it wasn't my fault that they missed the installation date. I had my service installed few days ago and since then I am trying to reedem my $50 dollar gift card from Amazon. 


On my account page it says "register now to redeedem your gift card" when I click on the link there is not registiration section at all. I have no idea how do I register or what do I register? 


So I called the customer service and waited 50 minutes to talk to someone about it. After 50 minutes of wait the person told me I was supposed to get an email (which I never did) then she told me I WILL get an email. 


This is extreamly annoying. I migrated from Comcast to Fios thinking their customer service would be alot better but so far it is a dissaster..


Does anyone know how to reedem this gift card? ot this is totally a scam? 


Thank you.

Who Me Too'd this topic