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Copper Contributor
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Fios TV app won’t stream unless connected to Actiontec router


It appears Fios TV will only stream if you are connected directly to the actiontec router without any intervening WiFi extenders.


I have a long apartment that requires me to add WiFi access points to the actiontec router to get coverage throughout the space.  The WiFi on the actiontec is disabled, and the access points are connected via cables to the actiontec Ethernet ports.  The access points are in bridge mode, so no NAT is used between my devices and the actiontec. However, I use a different SSID and password on the APs than on the actiontec. 


Fios TV will show my DVR content, the program guide etc. just fine in this configuration, but will not stream video. It will only work if I connect directly to the actiontec WiFi SSID but not if I am connected to the AP SSID. This seems like a bug or some deliberate and senseless  limitation. 


Anybody else run run into this?

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