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Mi configuration:
Yamaha RX-A780 AVR (inside a cabinet)
Fios TV One
I am obviously not able to control with Yamaha remote, the AVR being in a cabinet, but the LG TV "magic" remote recognizes the AVR (when Sound Out is set to HDMI) and controls the volume through the receiver without problems.

Also the old Fios box remote volume control would work through the AVR as well. I guess it was sending the signal to the TV and the TV to the AVR.

Now I just upgraded the cable box to the new Fios TV One, and its remote programs itself (apparently every time you turn the box on) to control both the TV and the receiver, but it only works with turning AVR on and off with the TV, not the volume, unless I open the cabinet door and it does work (I guess through IR).

I think the issue is how the signal is sent from the remotes (IR vs Bluetooth or HDMI?), and the fact the Fios TV One remote seems to be reprogramming itself every time using HDMI signals (I tried to manually program it bypassing the AVR control and everything works fine until I turn the system off, next time I turn it on it recognizes the AVR again and programs itself to control it).

I hope this is clear enough.
If so, any suggestions?

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