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Classic FIOS bait and switch.  Had no contract.  Existing plan was $123/mo.  Wanted to add 1 channel.  Rep said could add the 1 channel and keep most watched channels from existing plan going through them specifically.  Fee would go from $123/mo to $125/mo.  Sounds great right?  Not really.  3 hours later under apparent new plan the specific most watched channels  the rep said would be included were not.  I immediately called and said it was not what the rep indicated and I simply wanted my old lineup I had 3 hours ago back or I wanted to terminate Verizon Fios.  Naturally, Verizon then said, "Sorry cant do that, your old line up is not available anymore and you are subject to 2 years of the new channel line up we bait and switched you into or you have to pay a $350 termination fee.  The setup was I didnt have a contract and Verizon wanted to get me into a new one.  The bait and fraud was telling me I could keep specific channels that I could not keep.  I have made a complaint with the Virginia State Corporation Commission on 2/8/2019 because after a little research it was  apparent Verizon's deception to lure consumers out of old plans and into new plans to increase  their fees and plan commitment duration is systemic within Verizon. Hopefully Verizon will do the right thing and remedy this deceptive practice.

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