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Deception by Verizon


I recently needed to renew my FIOS plan.  I used the chat capability and the agent provided me with what I thought was a great deal -- improve internet to 1Gb, same voice service and same TV channel line-up (which was the Extreme Package).  I queried the agent several times to ask if the channel line-up would be the same.  They indicated that it would be unchanged.  The cost was going to be only a few dollars more than what I was paying for 100M internet service.  I approved the switch, without realizing they had changed the TV package from Extreme to a Custom Action and Entertainment package.  That package has significantly fewer channels than what we had previously had.  


When we noticed that channels were missing, I contacted Verizon, both via chat and phone.  To get what I had been promised, was going to cost $20 a month more.  Since I hadn't noticed any real improvement with the higher internet speed, I suggested going back to the previous speed, and giving me back Extreme.  That was going to cost $50 month more, because it wasn't bundled.  


The last agent I talked to essentially said to wait a month and maybe another discount might come available.


I really feel I was misled by Verizon and was wondering if anyone had suggestions on how to proceed further.


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