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Programming TV One Remote to control sound bar


I just upgraded to FIOS TV One and I’m pretty impressed so far.  The new boxes are smaller and very clean looking.  I have the multi-room DVR setup, one DVR and two satellites, aka minis.  Everything showed up in less than a week he in PA.  Nice integration with Netflix and the UHD content looks great.  We’re still getting use to the big changes, a smaller remote with voice navigation.  No DVR button which is fine but I think I’ll miss fast forward and rewind buttons.  The features are there with voice commands but I think it’ll take some time getting used to not having the button control.  


My my big problem is trying to get the sound bar control set up.  On the set up in my main viewing room,  I have a Barska Edge TR-200 Sound Deck connected with an optical cable.  It is connected and he sound is working on a Samsung NU8000 but I can’t control the volume with the fios remote.  I tried to manually program the remote, but my sound bar manufacturer isn’t listed to even start going through the codes.  Previously, I had it set up with this sound bar and controlled the volume by setting the STB up to control the volume (variable).  That doesn’t seem to work with TV One and these new remotes.  


Not sure if if its worth getting a Verizon tech support on line or in the phone?


Thoughts?  Programming the remote to control the sound bar would be better than using the STB to control the volume.  


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