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Fios TV app problems - can't use remote or access recorded shows



When I try to use the Fios TV app remote or watch shows recorded on my DVR, I get different error messages. For the remote function, I get "unable to pair remote with the Fios TV box. Please retry after rebooting your box." for watching recorded shows, I get this message: "Oops. Unable to communicate with your Fios TV box. Please relaunch this app while connected to your Fios Wi-Fi router to restore the configuration. I this problem persists, please report the issue from the Help Section of the app." Except when I try to report the problem, I get this message: "Your device is not provisioned. In order to provision your device, please verify that it is in-home and connected to your Verizon router. Once your device is in-home and connected to your Verizon router, please close and restart the app." 


This problem seems to be linked to my Orbi system, I didn't have problems with the app connecting to my box before I set up the Orbi system. 

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