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Copper Contributor
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Auto-Tune to HD channels not working


We've always had the Auto-Tune to HD channels function enable on 3 TV's.  For example, if you want the HD channel 505, you just have to push "5" and if a corresponding HD channel exists, in this case "505" it will auto tune to the HD channel.  The other morning, we noticed Verizon had changed their "Welcome" screen from the Verizon logo to a full screen teaser for movies and videos which cycles through various options available.  The other thing we noticed coincident with that was the Auto-Tune to HD channels no longer worked on any of the TV's.  I checked the settings and it was still enabled.  I disabled and re-enabled the settings, rebooted each STB, and rebooted the router all to no avail.  Has anyone else run across this change since the Welcome screen changed?  I'm wondering if it's a systemic problem.  Thanks...........  Dave..........

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