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I just placed an order to upgrade to the new FiosOne equipment. I was told when placing the order that I would be able to transfer recorded content from the old DVR to the new one and to call technical support for instructions. After contacting technical support, I was informed that there is no way (currently) to transfer the content from one DVR to another.


Verizon should have thought about this and created a solution for customers to transfer recorded content from one Verizon DVR to another before releasing the new FiosOne devices. Most customers, particularly ones with two DVRs, have hundreds of hours of recorded content that they should be able to save (transfer, not lose).  A lot of the recorded content cannot be re-scheduled and/or re-recorded. Not every TV show or movie is available as a re-run or via on-demand.


Telling customers that they will lose all of their recorded content when they swap the equipment is just not acceptable in this digital age. Verizon should offer a solution to customers upgrading to the new FiosOne equipment, for example:


  1. Offer a solution for customers to upload recorded content from their old DVR to the Verizon cloud, then download from the Verizon cloud to the new DVR, even if only a one time solution for an equipment upgrade. Only being able to upload and save recording schedules to the cloud is not good enough.
  2. Offer a solution for customers to connect the old Verizon DVR to the new Fios One DVR via ethernet, COAX or USB and transfer recorded content.

Again, expecting customers to just lose all of the recorded content (hundreds of hours), simply because they are upgrading to the newest equipment is unacceptable.  


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