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@CLASystems wrote:

In the middle of an upgrade; have to wait until tomorrow because they can't activate the server box over the weekend.  [Wish me luck]

My question is this:

My Quantum router has the TV cable going into it as well as the CAT 6 Internet wire.  I was always curious, because this means there is a splitter with one branch to the router and the other to the STB.

But the new TV One server STB has an RJ-45 connector on it also.

My question is:

Given the Quantum router already has the TV cable in it [any reason pre-TV one boxes?], can I eliminate the splitter, just go into the Quantum router, then use an RJ45 Cat-6-rated network cable between the router and the STB?  They are about 3 feet apart and eliminating the splitter and one stiff coax cable would clean up the rat's nest aspect of it [and make my wife much happier!]

Any theories [I will also try it either way once it works the way they insist, just a connector swap off the old box.]?

I answered your question in the other post but I forgot to say one thing. The reason you need coax to the server is because it has an RF tuner not an IP tuner. The coax going into the router creates a MOCA Network for the server so it gets an IP address so your On Demand and Guide works. 


Now I have the older VMS1100 model which also has an ethernet port. I use my own router not the Quantum router. I have coax going into the VMS(which provides video only) then I have the ethernet port connected to a switch to get my Guide. In your setup it would be just coax to the TV One server and connect an ethernet cable from the Quantum’s LAN port to the TV One. 


It probably won’t activate that way so I would do that after you get it up and running. During activation use the coax connected to both the router and the server. 

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