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I have recently subscribed gigabit internet from verizon. The problem is my download speeds have not been up to par to what I thought I would get. When using verizon speed test my download speed is not what I expect it to be. I am getting around 650mbps down with multiple tests. That is not gigabit speed. However, my upload speeds are what they should be. I am getting around 900mbps when I test my upload speed. I have also tested my internet speed with ookla speedtest and my download speed is even lower when I test with ookla. I get around 300mbps download with ookla, but around 950mbps when I test upload speed. Can someone help me with the problem. Might it be a hardware problem with the cable or my computer?


I have my computer connected with a cat 5e cable. My computer is connected with the ethernet cable going to the wall in my room. The ethernet port in the wall is connected to the router via patch panel. The router is downstairs. I think the patch panel might be a cause to the problem, but I am not sure.

Who Me Too'd this topic