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Using my own router, keeping FIOS TV working, stopping renting FIOS modem


My apologies in advance, because I'm sure this question is answered somewhere on these forums, but I've been looking around for 2 days and have even been pointed to the supposed gold standard guide of how to do it, but I still don't have the answer.  The key is, how to get rid of the FIOS modem rental fee but keep TV working.  The post I was pointed to said this:



If you don't want to pay the rental fee for the Verizon router, you can purchase a standalone MoCA adapter such as this Aciontec one: (Or optionally, you can find some cheap used Verizon Aciontec routers on ebay).


  • Simply connect the Coax cable from your old Verizon router to the MoCA adapter, and then connect an ethernet cable between a LAN port on your router to the MoCA adapter's ethernet port. Reboot the set top boxes after the MoCA adapter has been connected and ensure they function as intended."

But, as you can see (I think?) - that doesn't describe getting rid of the modem, amazingly.  Now maybe I'm just reading it wrong, but "your old Verizon router" is the modem/router you're renting, right?  So that process doesn't eliminate the modem.  Now, the idea of buying a used one on ebay hadn't occurred to me, so that's definitely interesting.  If I was to buy a used FIOS modem, would I then just plug it into power and coax anywhere in the house?  Or does it need to be plugged only into ethernet and power?  The verizon ONT actually doesn't wire into the household coax network, only directly through the brick by the TV, so does the purchased FIOS modem need to live there specifically, plugged into the coax from the ONT?


Thanks for any help!

Who Me Too'd this topic