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FIOS Quantum Gateway: lighttpd error SSL Fails to Start


My FIOS router was updated at 5am this morning to firmware version As a result, my Roku could not connect to the 5GHz network. While trying to resolve that issue, I found another very concerning issue.


I found a ton of these entries (1 every 10 seconds) in the Advanced log file:


Apr 12 23:14:32 2019 user.err<11> lighttpd[1528]: (connections.c.1746) SSL: 1 -1 error:140E0197:SSL routines:SSL_shutdown:shutdown while in init


Looks like HTTPD is failing to start. When I try to connect to, it redirects to (clear text). This is not good.


I do not know how long the router has had this issue. The issue may have started with a prior update. 



Who Me Too'd this topic