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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1-3 Discussion post


Good evening Thronees! We thank you guys so much for your patience as we tried to give everyone enough time to catch up(and re-watch)  the first three episodes of the final season. Now we're here to discuss everything that has happened so farand figure out where we're going from here! For the final three episodes we will be releasing these discussion posts, on Tuesday evenings for all of us to discuss together.


Season 8 Episode 1 "Winterfell"

We start the season with a blast from the past with Winterfell playing host to the royal court, much like we see in Season 1, Episode 1. This time around Queen Daenerys has finally arrived with her dragons, and Jon Snow in tow. We finally get the reunion of all the remaining Starks back home again, but Bran can't wait to ruin the moment, by awkwardly reminding everyone, death is coming fast. Sansa and Dany have a shade-off and I can see things getting tense for these two in future. Also the people of Winterfell are not too fond of Dany, or her dragons since they barely have enough food as it is.  Meanwhile, Cersei finally gets her Navy thanks to Euron Greyjoy, and despite being upset about the lack of elephants, finally gives Euron a chance with the Queen. Per usual, vengeance consumes Cersei and her new plot consists of Bran killing both of her brothers with the crossbow Tyrion used to kill their father. I see this backfiring however, since Bran barely knows Cersei, and Tyrion is the character he is closest with. Theon finally gets the chance to be the hero he deserves to be, by rescuing his sister Yara from his evil uncle, Euron. They decide to split up, with Yara focusing on reclaiming their homelands, The Iron Islands, and Theon deciding to go fight in Winterfell. We then are back in Winterfell with Daenerys telling Jon, her dragons are not feeling his homeland and have not been eating since coming north. They decide to go for a dragon ride with Rhaegal allowing Jon to ride him with no hesitation.  They baecation to a nearby waterfall, where we get one of the funniest moments of the episode with the dragons watching creepily as the auntie and nephew duo, get it on. Gendry, The Hound, and Arya reunite and Gendry is pumping out Dragonglass weapons as fast as he can, for the battle. Arya has a request for a special weapon and her and Gendry seem to flirt a bit before him agreeing to make the unique weapon. Sam finally links with Daenerys and she awkwardly tells him how she killed his brother, and father for not bending the knee. He takes it better than anyone else would have. He has a quick moment with Bran who is weirdly waiting outside of Winterfell for who he describes as an "old friend." Then Sam meets up with Jon in the crypts of Winterfell and one of the biggest plot points in the series is finally revealed, as Sam tells Jon he is really Aegon Targaryen, which not only makes his lover Daenerys his aunt, but more importantly leaves Jon with the most legit claim to the iron throne. We are then taken to Last Hearth, where Tormund, Eddison, and Beric Dondarrion are searching for Ned Umbar and his men. Instead, they find no men throughout the castle, and poor little Ned Umbar dismembered into that weird spiral we keep seeing. It would be interesting to see what this pattern means. If not creepy enough, little Ned, then turns zombie/white walker mode and Beric has to set him on fire with his flaming sword. The final scene of this episode we get a peek at who we can assume is Bran’s “old friend” Jaime Lannister, who he has not seen since finding out Jamie was the one who pushed him over the ledge all those years ago. In typical GOT fashion, we are left wondering the fate of this reunion until…


Season 8 Episode 2 "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms"

Season 8 Episode 2, where we start with Jaime Lannister having to explain to Daenerys and her court, why she should trust him and also why he killed her father, the Mad King. Sansa and Daenerys agree for two seconds about not trusting Jaime, before his old friend Brienne, and his brother Tyrion, sway Sansa and Jon to allow Jaime to fight for Winterfell. Daenerys begrudgingly agrees, but you see her lash out at Tyrion after this, clearly starting to distrust him. Arya goes to check on her weapon with Gendry who informs her she should just stay in the tombs during the battle (LOL). She shows him she is about that life by throwing some daggers at a wall with excellent precision. Bran and Jaime come face to face, and Bran talks about how he was meant to be pushed out of the window all those years ago. Jaime asks Brienne to lead him in the upcoming battle. Jorah tells Daenerys to try to mend things with Sansa. They face off and Sansa accuses Daenerys of manipulating her brother into accepting her as Queen. Daenerys reminds Sansa that she is fighting Jon’s war when she could be fighting her own. Sansa  tells Daenerys that the North will never have another queen. Before Daenerys can respond they are interrupted by Theon’s arrival in Winterfell. Him and Sansa have an emotional reunion. We then are shown the War Council with every important character gathering around a map of Winterfell. It is here where we first see just how outnumbered our heroes are, when compared to the Night King’s army. They devise a plan where Theon and his men will protect Bran at the Weirwood tree, attempting to lure the Night King out in the open. The rest of the soldiers will stay and defend the castle/fight for their lives. Daenerys orders Tyrion to stay in the crypts, which only fuels the tension between them. Greyworm promises his lady Missandei to run away with her to her home, after the battle is over in an emotional goodbye. Arya picks up her customized spear weapon from Gendry, and in an awkward moment for most fans, her and Gendry end up in bed together. We then have one of the best moments of the entire series when Sir Jaime knights “Sir” Brienne of Tarth, which is something she has deserved since she first appeared in the series. We have a reunion of the Mormonts with Jorah failing to convince young Lyanna Mormont to stay in the crypts during the battle. We are then shown Podrick sing “Jenny’s song” an old tragedy about love and death, to all of our favorite characters. We finish this episode with Jon finally telling his lover Daenerys that she is also his aunt, and he has the rightful claim to the throne. In typical Khaleesi fashion, Daenerys demands receipts besides his best friend, and brother, and before they can discuss this bombshell, they are interrupted by three horn blasts. This indicates the Night King’s army arrival and we get the final shot of four White Walkers preparing to wreck Winterfell. It’s about to go DOWN!


Season 8 Episode 3 "The Long Night"

We start what is easily the most anticipated episode of any season of any TV show ever, “The Long Night”, with all of the Living Army preparing for battle. It is eerily quiet as every soldier in Winterfell prepares for the fight of their lives. In an unexpected twist right before battle, priestess Melisandre comes out of nowhere to light the fires for all of the swords of the Dothraki, thanks to her infamous “Lord of Light”. Her and Davos have an awkward reunion, since he promised to kill her the next time he saw her. She informs him, she will be dead by sunrise, hinting at the living army’s demise.  We finally kick off the most famous battle so far, with a questionable move, the Dothraki marching towards the Undead with their flaming swords raised high. I’m not sure why they would attack an Undead army of over 100,000 soldiers, but it quickly shows us just what to expect when in about 30 seconds, each and every lit sword is extinguished. Only Jorah Mormont makes it back from the charge, and Greyworm, and Brienne prepare their troops for the fight. Instantly they are completely overwhelmed by the Undead, and complete pandemonium ensues. The Living Army are doing everything they can to survive with everyone swinging their weapons wildly in a fight to stay alive. Daenerys decides not to wait for Davos’ signal to light the fire around Winterfell, and instead hops on Drogon to fight with her people. Jon has no choice but to hop on Rhaegal and they burn a hole in the army with the dragon. They have the four White Walkers seen in the previous episode in their sights and are about to blow them to pieces when the Night King summons a massive blinding storm their way causing  everyone(including us viewers LOL) barely able to see the battle. Arya is doing her best to defend her home of Winterfell, and starts the battle shooting flaming arrows at the Undead. As the Undead get closer, she demands her sister Sansa to go down to the crypts of Winterfell and use her dagger if she runs into any trouble. Lord Commander Eddison dies on the battle trying to protect Sam, who is about as useful as a rock in the battle. Why Sam chose to fight instead of staying in the crypt with GIlly and Sam Jr. where he belonged is beyond any of us. The Living Army quickly realized just how screwed they are and retreat into the castle as fast as possible. Jon leaves Dany to go protect Bran and since they can’t see anything on their dragons they end up running into each other further losing sense of where they are in relation to the battle. Arya saves the Hound during the retreat into the castle, and Davos calls for Daenerys to light fire around Winterfell with Drogon when most of the fighters make it back to Winterfell. The only problem is that neither Daenerys or Jon can see the signal through the storm and panic quickly sets in as the flaming arrows the archers are trying to use to start the fire are not enough. With the Undead seconds away from the castle, Melisandre comes through in the clutch once again for the living, using her mysterious powers to light the fire around Winterfell. This gives the Living Army a quick moment to catch their breath during all the carnage. Sansa and Tyrion reminisce in the crypt and Sansa tells Tyrion that his loyalty to Daenerys would get in the way of any possible future between them. Missandei quickly checks Sansa, reminding her that they would all be dead if not for Daenerys and her army. Bran proves as useful as Sam during the battle, with him leaving Theon to do his weird trance thing transforming into a bunch of ravens sent into the battle never to be seen again. Meanwhile the sheer volume of the Undead simply put out the ring of fire around Winterfell as they quickly break through and attack the castle. The Living are once again thrown into battle trying any and everything to defend the castle. The Hound chokes once again during the battle becoming paralyzed by fear, and it is up to Beric Dondarrion to snap him out of it, reminding him that Arya needs his help. Little Lyanna Mormont is the next hero to meet a tragic end when she sacrifices herself facing off with the Undead ice giant and stabbing him in the eye, before being crushed to death. Jon and Daenerys finally spot the Night King and an epic battle of the Dragon Riders ensues with all three dragons clashing in the night sky, all taking damage during the fight. In another nail-biting scene we have Arya trying her best to make it through the castle of Winterfell with Undead soldiers all around waiting for her to make the slightest noise, so they can pounce. She manages to make it out of the library and end to the halls before all hell breaks loose once again and she is chased through the hallways of the castle by hundreds of Undead soldiers. They quickly close in on her and she is facing certain death, when Beric and The Hound swoop in and save her life. Beric sacrifices his final life(since his healer has died), for Arya and The Hound, and they are able to escape death by locking themselves in a room in the castle. There Melisandre is unexpectedly there waiting to reunite with Arya Stark. She reminds Arya of the prophecy that she would close brown eyes, blue eyes, and green eyes, that she told her when they first met back in Season 3. Little did we viewers know, but this conversation was setting up the biggest moment of the series so far. The Night King uses Viserion to blow a fire hole straight through Winterfell before Jon and Rhaegal once again battle in the sky with the Night King and VIserion. This time both Viserion and Rhaegal take major damage with The Night King and Jon both being knocked off the dragon. Daenerys uses the opportunity to have Drogon burn the Night King to bits, but in yet another plot twist, we discover the Night King is unaffected by dragon fire. He tries to take Drogon out with another ice spear, but Daenerys is able to maneuver Drogon to safety. We then have our main hero Jon Snow finally closing in on the Night King and he is seconds away from getting to face off with him, when the Night King pulls a coward’s move and raises all of the Undead once again, forcing Jon and the rest of the Living to once again fight the Undead army they had just killed. We also see that the crypts of Winterfell were also not the safest place to be as the dead bodies stored in the crypts quickly became soldiers in the Night King’s army. Daenerys tries to save Jon once again with Drogon, and Jon refuses, choosing instead to try to run and protect Bran from the Night King. As a result Drogon is seriously injured and knocks his mother Daenerys off of him trying to escape the zombies all over him. Daenerys, and everybody else soon realize that they are fighting a losing battle and will die in this battle. Jorah comes out of nowhere to protect his Queen Daenerys and she even wields a sword as they vow to go out together in the slaughter. Jorah takes his last breath fighting for his Queen and Daenerys is left alone on the battlefield. With Jorah and Lyanna both dying this episode, house Mormont will now cease to exist.  Sansa proves she is not about this life and is contemplating ending it all in these final moments rather than be attacked. Jon is still trying his best to get to Bran, but is trapped by Viserion in Winterfell. The Night King and his White Walkers stroll up on Bran, and though Theon tries his best he is quickly defeated by the Night King who is finally face to face with The Three-Eyed Raven, who has been his target for thousands of years. Bran shows zero emotion as The Night King goes to finally kill him. Out of nowhere, and in one of the most divisive moments in the show’s history none other than Arya “GOAT” Stark jumps out of nowhere past the White Walkers and is inches from ending the Night King;s life, when he grabs her by the throat forcing her to drop her dagger. She then catches the dagger with the other hand and stabs the Night King in the chest, instantly killing the Night King, destroying hundreds of fan theories about Jon or Daenerys being “The Prince or Princess” that was promised to defeat the Night King. All of the Night King’s Undead army including Viserion die instantly and the battle is finally over. None of the Living are quite sure what has happened, and we end the episode with Melisandre staying true to her word at the beginning of the episode to Davos, and sacrificing herself by removing her powerful necklace outside the gates of Winterfell.



Thank you guys so much for participating and we hope you enjoyed the posts! We would love to have you join the discussion by sharing your favorite moments so far, what do you think of Arya killing the Night King and will Cersei keep her crown? And what else you think we can expect in the final three episodes. Thank you for being the very best part of our FiosFam and we hope you have a great day!


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