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Formal Complaint


I am so done.  After a total of 10 times contacting customer service since February 2019 and having the discounts removed from my bill since Dec 2018 I finally reach a supervisor. 


She not only won't honor the 57 dollar black Friday special but puts me in a plan 10 dollars higher.  They have been charging me double this amount since Dec 2018 with no resolution.   There have been tickets opened closed pending and just disappearing. I have not been treated like a loyal customer but written off and not assisted.


I spoke to this supervisor last night and this morning received a suspension notice with tomorrow as the deadline.  How kind of them to shut me off because they don't want to fix an issue they admitted multiple times was their fault.   


I give up.  I will now be writing  the CEO (Hans) all 3 executive point of contracts,  the BBB, FCC, CCC and contacting my state attorneys office.   


DO NOT SIGN UP WITH VERIZON.  THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE WORST.  For all the time I have wasted on their phones for nothing I should be given free service.... All I have asked for was my original order confirmed price.  I will not be a loyal customer to a company who has treated me like such a bother for simply asking them to correct their mistake. 



Who Me Too'd this topic