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How to best use my own router as primary?


Hey guys, I have had Verizon for the past 4-5 years so I have an older setup where my ONT comes into my house in my dining room and my Fios gateway router is connected via coax in my office on the second story.  This is where I have my PC connected via hardwire, I need a hardwired ethernet connection to my computer, then wifi goes thorughout the house.  I also have Fios cable and my set top box is connected via Coax in the living room.


So I want to switch to my own Google OnHub router.  I had it connected just via LAN to the Fios router but this was creating Double NAT and speed issues.  I don't have the ability to run ethernet from the dining room to my office to do the suggested switch from coax to ethernet on the ONT method to use my own router since I need a hardwired connection to my office computer.


I found a method online of doing this via setting the Fios gateway to Bridge mode and connecting my new router the way it is currently to LAN but that doesn't seem to work.  The post is a couple years old and I'm guessing things have changed.  If I follow those steps I never get internet through my setup, I'm guessing it might have something to do with my new router not receiving a public IP through DHCP through the bridged coax internet connection on my Fios gateway but that's just a guess.  I just know I didn't have internet and since I work from home I had to reset to factory default and give up for the time being so I could have a connection.


Any help with this would be appreciated.  I know it is somewhat a unique situation since I haven't seen any other similar posts online about using my own router that doesn't involve switching ONT to ethernet and connecting a router at that point.


Thanks in advance.

Who Me Too'd this topic