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Slow wired speeds with own router


Hello. I have had Fios for about 6 months now and wanted to get rid of the VZ Gateway altogether. I do have the gigabit service as well as TV. Here is what I did to connect my own router:

1. Release DHCP on VZ Gateway

2. Disconnect VZ Gateway

3. Disconnect STB's

4. Connect ONT ethernet to WAN on Netgear Nighthawk AC1900

5. Connect Nighthawk LAN to Actiontec 2.0 MoCA bonded adapter.

6. Connect coax to Actiontec MoCA adapter.

7. Re-connect STB's

8. Reboot Nighthawk router


I received a new IP from VZ and my internet service is working. Powered on TV's and STB's and TV is working. 


My main computer is hard wired into my Nighthawk router but is having very slow speeds. With the VZ Gateway I was getting about 700-800 d/l and u/l, with a router connection speed of about 950. With my Nighthawk I am getting 150-200 d/l and u/l, with a router connection speed of about 930. This is all done through the official Fios speed test.


My Nighthawk router has no special settings. QoS is turned off, I have the latest firmware. I even tried downgrading to an older firmware, no different. It was suggested I try resetting the ONT, which I have yet to try, but I am not hopeful. Appreciate any help. 


Who Me Too'd this topic