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Hey, folks...


I suspect this question has been asked a thousand times in various forms over the existence of these forums, but rather than sift through years of answers, I figured posting a new version with my specific situation would probably be more productive:


I've got Fios service (obviously), a Verizon router AND a TP-Link Archer router.


Just like many other Fios customers, I'd like to use my own router.


I am using the Verizon router for "MoCa adapter functionality." I initially tried an ActionTec MoCa adapter, but got unreliable results for video (couldn't stream live TV through the mobile app, couldn't initiate DVR recordings out of the home network, etc.). I figured having the first-party solution (the Verizon router) as the "adapter" would provide better results.


So, I have it all plugged in, and it's mostly working well - I get Internet, and TV shows are working fine.


However, there seem to be two issues:


1. When trying to stream certain content through my mobile device - such as the YES Network for Yankee games - the Fios TV app says "This channel can only be streamed from your Fios TV box when connected to your Fios Wi-Fi router." I can stream some channels through the app, but not all.


2. The VID light on the ONT is red. I'm assuming this relates, in some way, to the partial functionality of the Fios TV app, in this case.


I've followed some forum advice about restarting the various devices, and about releasing the DHCP lease, but nothing has returned -full- functionality to my TV services.


Should I just kick the third-party router to the curb and replace it with the Verizon one?


Any thoughts or guidance out there?


Thanks in advance, folks...





Who Me Too'd this topic