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Configure ASUS router as Access Point?


Is there a good step-by-step process somewhere for configuring a router as an Access Point (AP) with the G1100, with WiFi disabled on the G1100?


I would like a static IP for my AP so I can always find it for config updates - I can set my ASUS router to be an AP - but get confused with the subnet stuff...

...I saw a thread from 2016, but it did not seem to talk about the static IP and subnet.


Basically, I want a static IP on my (ASUS) AP, with the G1100 set to not provide a conflicting IP via DHCP.


I’d just use my ASUS as a full router, but don’t want to double-NAT, and do not want to lose TV features, or have an unsupported configuration.


BTW, I am an avid reader on dslreports.com, but my searches to date have not found a simple enough posting for my limited knowledge of subnets. Also I was dead tired at the time, but was having trouble getting to the admin screen on the ASUS, hard-wired from PC, immediately after getting FIOS.  I am not completely brain-dead (locked-down security on G1100 pretty well, ran and tested the cat6 with old Fluke tester before tech came), but the AP configuration currently has me stumped.

Who Me Too'd this topic