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Connecting the TV One Mini to an AP


I have the new FiOS One service. My quantum router is located center of the house but the Wi-Fi signal to the family room is poor.


I bought a TP-Link Wi-Fi extender, hard-wired to the Quantum router, and put the Wi-Fi extender in AP mode. 


TV and Xbox can connect to the new wireless AP perfectly, but the FiOS TV One mini refuses to connect to it and will only want to connect directly with the quantum router. DHCP and NAT are turned off in the AP, so all devices are on the same network and can communicate. This has been tested and proven.


Is there a way to tell the TV one mini to connect with the AP? Or am I going to have to either rent a Wi-Fi extender for Verizon or hardwire it in via coax/Ethernet.


I would rather not have to hard wire it since there's no access to the walls or the floor. It would have to be a conduit run outside along the house, its just major work to do.

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