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Question about UPS


I have a 55" Samsung TV & a FIOS STB Not the TV One but the "Q" STB.


I have an APC UPS rated at 480 watts. I bought it 6 months ago & already it's failing.


Anyway, today it started clicking. I bought it at Batteries & Bulbs in January 2019. Today, I took it back to Batteries & Bulbs. The battery was tested. It's fine. One of the people told me to try plugging stuff into the UPS to see if it would click. I tried & it didn't click. Their theory is that the UPS is overloaded. The TV is 166 watts & the FIOS STB is 42 watts. That's 208 watts, less than half of its maximum. My theory is that once the load on the UPS exceeds X watts, the UPS starts clicking. By the way, this is the second APC UPS to fail on me prematurely.


One of the employees told me that when FIOS installed his equipment, the tech told him that the equipment should not be plugged into a surge protector or a UPS. The equpiment should be plugged directly into a wall outlet. I want my TV & STB at least plugged into a surge protector if not a UPS.


Have you heard of such a thing? Does FIOS recommend plugging the STB directly into an outlet? I bought my TV in March of 2014. It & the STB have always been plugged into a UPS. I have only 2 outlets near my TV. I need more than 2 outlets to plug in the TV & STB & soundbar & subwoofer. So, I need at least a surge protector. What is your opinion?

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