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Copper Contributor
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Parental controls over device with random MAC hardware addresses


So I have the myfios app which does a fair enough job of parental controls EXCEPT for the fact that my son has a Windows 10 CPU which has the option for random hardware addresses (changing the MAC with every new login).    


So I can restrict the wifi time periods of the MAC address he's using at any given time, but upon a restart he has a new address and I have to do it all over again.  At times I've had 15-20 different MAC addresses listed in my Fios device list, all from the same device with same name.   And usually after a couple weeks, the app or the router 'forgets' the various MACs and the process starts all over again.


Yes, I know I can toggle off random hardware access on his computer, but he is a teenager and he knows his way around this.


I used to be able to access all the devices on myfiosgateway / which had slightly better parental control functions than the app, but that IP doesn't load up my device list anymore for whatever reason.  I can still access some of the other features within myfiosgateway, but unsure if any of them will help me.


Anyone have any suggestions how to apply an 'umbrella' control over the same device using multiple MAC addresses via fios app, router control, or even command prompt/registry stuff?



Who Me Too'd this topic
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