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Hello I have been reading a lot about using your own router as the primary router. I have Fios with tv/phone/internet. I have the G1100 router for years and decided to upgrade to Netgear Orbi Mesh system for my home. So my set up is as follows I have cat5 coming from my ont and also coaxial cable. So what I did was I took my cat5 from the ont and pluged it in my wan port of my Orbi router, then I pluged in cat5 to lan port of my Orbi and put it into the wan port of the G1100. The only settings I changed on the G1100 was disabled wireless networks. I powered off both router and when they came back up I had internet access and the TV service worked guide, on demand, and dvr. So the only things that are not working is the caller id and on my Fios app I can not manage my dvr or set a recording from the guide on the app. So I have read this is common for using your own router. So I also read some post there is a way to get everything working but the instructions seemed to be a little complicated. These were all older post from a year or two ago. So my question is there any resoloution that is not as compliated to get everything working on the Fios TV and mobile app.



Who Me Too'd this topic