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Okay, I’m throwing in the towel and will admit that I need help and ideas.

As part of my FIOS service, I have an Arris VMS1100 media server with a few media client boxes.  Everything was working fine until a few weeks ago when the sound on the media server stopped working.  Picture yes, sound no.  The sound *works* on the media client boxes.

Did the following pretty much in this order to try and diagnose the issue. (1) checked sound settings on the TV and the media server, (2) cold power restart of the media server, (3) verified that the TV sound was working by playing a DVD, (4) switched HDMI cable for a known good composite video cable.  No sound.

Moved on to (5) swapping a media client box with the media server box.  Media client box produces sound with the TV and cables that were previously used by the media server.  The media server, now in place where the media client used to be and produced no sound.


(6) Found a reference to the secret configuration set up on the media server.  Hit power off on the media server and then left arrow to get to the secret configuration setup on the media server.  Went to the user setup screen, then to additional HDMI settings and set audio to the other options (Auto, LPCM and pass through).  No sound.

(7) Did a cold power restart of the ONT and the Gateway Router.  No sound on the media server.

So as unlikely as it sounds, I come to the conclusion that there’s a problem with the media server.  Verizon sends me a replacement media server.  I hook it up.  No sound.  I repeat all of the tests that I did above.  No sound with the media server.  Media client boxes work fine.

Does anyone have an idea on what I might do next, other than spending a lot of time on the phone trying to reach and then working with Verizon support?

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