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@pcnerd wrote:

So then, FIOS doesn't support 21:9, correct? I assumed that it doesn't.


Maybe a future update to TV One will support 21:9.


So, if I watch a 21:9 content on Netflix on a 16:9 TV, the ends will be cut off.

It’s not that it doesn’t support it per se. It’s just that most of the content that we watch is in 16:9. 

If you have a 21:9 monitor connect to a FiOS set-top box and go to the Netflix app and watch one of their shows then it will fill the screen. But everything else that is in 16:9 will have bars. 

Even if Verizon updates the box with a 21:9 setting the programs that are still broadcasted in 16:9 will have bars. It’s the same as if you are watching a 4:3 format on a 16:9 screen. 

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