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I signed up for Fios via phone in May for a 79.99/month plan. At that time, the sales rep told me I could get a promo card for $200 and 1 year Netflix subscription.  I never received my card of $200 but only $50. It was even $50 for the 59.99/month plan at that time. I chatted with online customer service and they told my I only have 6 months Netflix subscription and no one knows about the visa card they promised. The agent gave no solution but just requiring me to call verizon. However, the line is always busy.


I am really disappointed and dissatisfied by Fios, and the poor customer service online. I am now trying to complain about this and letting more people know about Fios' lack of integerity. If my problem cannot be solved, I will definitely stop using Fios and switch to others. 


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