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Still more problems with Amazon Prime


For at least a month now, I can't stream Amazon Prime on any of my devices *except* my iPhone, iPad, and Mac computer.  On 2 smart TVs, an Apple TV, and an Amazon Firestick 4k, the Prime Video app either freezes or I get an network-related error.  On the Firestick 4k, I get the PLR_PRS_CALL_FAILED error.  I've confirmed that these problems happen only on FIOS.  All other streaming apps work just fine on all devices.


I've tried the Firestick and Apple TV on my work network and everything works great.  I even enabled a hotspot on my iPhone and when connecting one of my smart TVs to that hotspot, Prime Video also worked fine.


A number of my neighbors (all of whom are on FIOS) are also having the same problem on multiple devices.  I've only found one neighbor who is not having this problem and the only difference between his setup and ours is that we all have the newer Quantum G1100 routers and he does not.


I've spent hours with both Verizon and Prime Video support who of course blame eachother.


The testing I've done so far seems to indicate that this is a networking issue and not an Amazon issue.  Anyone know how I can escalate this to get this problem addressed? Almost 2 hours online with FIOS support and many router reboots later I'm still having this problem.

Who Me Too'd this topic