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My father last year kept getting told he had to upgrade to Fios in his summer trailer at a campground here in Southern Jersey.  He agreed initially but when the first tech came out to do it, dad's trailer was way to far from the roadway and couldn't be hooked up the FIOS.  They left him on DSL (and landline) but it wasn't working, he called again to get the DSL and landline fixed, again they told him he had to be upgraded to the FIOS. He told them the tech was already out and said it couldn't be done, he's too far from the roadway and the FIOS connections.  The only hookup in the campground was for the owner's house and store which was needed by them to run the campground.  They said let them send another tech out to see what could be done.  Again, once the tech came he told dad that they couldn't hook him up to FIOS and that there was nothing they could do to get him Fios.  He called again about getting the DSL and landline fixed. they argued with him that he had to have fios and it ended up with him cancelling the whole thing because they would not fix his DSL even though he's not in a spot that can get Fios.  And Satellite isn't usable due to all the trees............ Luckily the campground has wifi for the campers, but it's not always good.....


It's great that they are upgrading but not everyone can get Fios. In fact, my own HOA will not let them install the outside wires until enough of us will say we will take it as that will require digging up all our of lawns and reseeding, etc. and that is not something we will do until a sufficient number of households agree that they will be picking up Fios. 

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