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Registered: ‎08-05-2019

How to return a rented gateway ....,


I purchased and configured my own router and want to return the fios gateway and stop renting it. Cannot believe how difficult it is to communicate with someone.

Have searched the my fios app which has not been helpful.

Have called Verizon "contact" phone number several times and have been told the wait time is over an hour.

I have been prompted to and left three messages for a callback and never received one.

Chat has not worked. Just get canned replies of no help

The only info on their website is about returning equipment after cancelling fios service

I have called several fios stores in Maryland with full voice mailboxes not accepting messages.

I have tried to post on verizon's support forum and an error message appears advising unable to post!

Could someone please help by telling me a safe way I can return their gateway??

Thanks for your help

Who Me Too'd this topic
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