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Trying to bridge / repeater of 2 Quantum G1100 routers.


First I want to thank you all in taking the time to help me. Your combined wisdom is greatly appreciated. I think I Have a unique situation because everything I am reading is in regards to bridging the Fios G1100 as the bridging router (2nd router) and using some other router as the main router. I have tried a few methods but with no success.
I have 2 (two) Fios G100 Gateway routers. They are both identical. I acquired the 2nd one from a friend who retired and moved to Florida. Over the last 1 ½ years I have been turning my home into a smart home. A little at a time. I have come a long way and loving it. Too much to list but it is the future. My home is typical size however some of my smart devices at the other end of my house for mysterious reasons will drop off the network which is a pain because you usually have to bring it closer to the router to get it working again before returning it to its proper placement. Thus leading me to try and increase my range and possibly speed. The main Fios G1100 is hardwired via coaxial. I would like to use the 2nd Fios G1100 as a repeater / extender if possible. Can this be done wirelessly (after setup)? If so can anyone help with the proper setup procedure? Also if it is not possible to set up the 2nd Fios G 1100 wirelessly I do have access to other coaxial connections throughout the house but it will be impossible to run more data cable (cat5). This is why I’m hoping it can be done wirelessly.

Who Me Too'd this topic