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Copper Contributor
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TV One mini wireless connection


Ongoing issue with my TV screen locking or pixelating.  Verizon technical support has done standard reboots on the main One box and the One mini, etc. which does not solve the issue.  “Everything looks ok” from their end.


Here is my setup:

Main TV One box on first floor connected to coax.  Wireless router on 2nd floor with One Mini across the room (perhaps 20 feet away) connected wirelessly.  This setup was done by Verizon onsite.


There is no coax connection at the TV location or I would have connected the TV One mini to coax weeks ago...


Note I have had no issues with the 1st floor TV connected to the main TV One box and no issues with WiFi connections on laptops, phones or my wireless printer.  There is no extender installed.


After over 3 weeks of issues since installation, a Verizon tech person came to my house yesterday and replaced the TV One mini.  Everything was working great.  The TV screen was no longer freezing/pixelating and I was very happy.  


Today (afternoon) the problems started again.  Note to that the freezing/pixelating is sporadic - might not happen for hours and then will happen for hours thereafter.


I pointed out to the tech person that when issues begin, the “link quality” is poor as shown on the Menu/settings/system/FIOS tv one mini settings/WiFi status.  “Video source quality” remains good.


The tech person told me that there have been issues with the wireless TV one mini connections since it was introduced in 2018.


Has anyone had this issue and, if so, how did you fix it? 

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