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Copper Contributor
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Re: TV One mini wireless connection


This is the current situation:


1.  After installing a new One mini via wireless, issue was not resolved


2.  Connected new One mini directly to the router via an Ethernet cable.  Issue was not resolved indicating that the router may be the issue.


3.  Installed new router (note my old router is identical to the new router but my old router is perhaps 2 years old).  The One mini auto connects to 5G channel.  This seems to have solved the problem!!


As a precaution, when I connected phones/smart TV’s/printer/laptop /tablet to this new router, I connected all of them to 2.4 GHz.  Only the One mini is connected to 5G (as far as I know).  Not sure if this has any impact but being non-tech guy it made sense to me.


While we do have some slight screen “pause” typically during the 10PM hour, the One mini has worked well for the past 2 days so keeping fingers crossed that the issue has been solved.

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