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Frequently Dropped Internet


Anyone else have issues with their Fios Internet dropping out?
I have had this issue since I've had Fios but I thought it was other things. At one point I noticed it because I was getting dropped from online gaming but I stopped playing as much so I never really followed up.  Then my laptop would lose connection and then reconnect but I always thought it was the wifi card in my laptop.

I finally ddumped Fios crappy router and got my own because I decided to switch to Internet Streaming TV now that the kids moved out and I don't need as much.

Now it's really noticable because I lose my TV constantly.  I watch my router and it is the actual internet coming in that gets dropped. it's not the router, because I tried 2 different ones and the same thing happens.

it drops out, i lose connection to everything for about 2 minutes and it reconnects.

I even had a new line dropped from the pole a few years ago and it's the same thing.

I'm fed up with this, I'm actually thinking of going back to Crapcast if this doesn't stop, soemthing I vowed to never do.

Anyone else have similar issues and find a solution?

Who Me Too'd this topic
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